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The Banshee VGT controller is the only universal kit that is truly plug and play!  The harnesses are long and can be cut down for a custom fit.  .

This kit allows you to use various Variable Geometry Turbochargers, Variable Nozzle Turbochargers and Variable Vane Turbochargers on any engine. Each microcontroller is capable of controlling any of the listed turbos.  If you are interested in controlling a turbo that isn’t listed. Give us a call; generally if you can get us an actuator we do not charge for software modifications in order to control the new turbo.

Controller Specs:

  • IP67 Rated (Submersible up to 1 meter)
  • Reverse Polarity Protected
  • Surge Protected up to 60 Volts
  • 12 and 24 Volt nominal


  • MAP
  • Exhaust pressure
  • Exhaust Brake Switch
  • Turbine Speed
  • Engine Speed

Exhaust (Turbo) Brake:

  • Toggle switch allows the braking function to be turned off and on
  • (User Settable) Engine rpms will turn the brake off once the engine drops below minimum speed threshold. This prevents the brake from bogging the engine down at an idle
  • Accelerator switch: Dodge VP44 will have one wire connect to the ECU, this wire engages the brake when off throttle. 5.9 C/R has two wires that connect to the ECU, the ECU will trigger the brake and lock up the TQ converter (if equipped) when off throttle. All other engines will wire a normally open switch (not supplied) in order to trigger the brake

Safety Features:

  • Digital Wastegate
  • Turbine Speed Limiter
  • Minimum allowable position based on engine speed. This prevents the turbo from closing to far can choking the engine on high RPM engines.

VGT Control Logic:

  • (Primary) MAP to Drive pressure logic, controller will attempt to keep a consistent ratio between MAP and drive pressure from idle to WOT/
  • (Secondary) MAP and VGT position table
  • (Secondary Alternative) Turbine speed and VGT position table
  • Cold Start | Wet Stack prevention:



Data logging: Saved to an Excel spreadsheet.

Current Turbo Compatibility:

Cummins – Holset VGTs: Any Holset with a Smart Remote Actuator i.e. HE300VG, HE351VE, HE431VE, HE441VE, HE451VE, HE541VE, HE551VE, HE561VE

Hino – Garrett GT – KLVN series with Jideco or Mitsuba actuators i.e. GT3571KLVN, GT3576KLVN, GT4082KLVN and many more. There is a lot of series with these actuators with a wide range of sizes.

Future Development:


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 13 × 6 in

7 reviews for Banshee VGT / VNT Controller

  1. Derrick Bunch

    Been using for well over a year on an 04 Dodge 3500 that engine blew up got a deal on a 6.7L that took its place. Had a brand new HE351vg got kit from Steed took less than an hour to install took on road test and wow what a difference!! I won’t go back. Service is phenomenal any questions were answered quickly Even gain an awesome friend. THANKS AGAIN!!!

  2. Betty Sutherland

    I installed this controller on a customers truck. we did an he351ve on a 5.9 and this controller works just like the factory programing on the 6.7 cummins. Love it. In fact it works so good I had Steed make me a calibrator so I can calibrate future turbos. Thanks Steed for your awesome controllers. “)

  3. Steve Genov

    Best VGT controller on the market ! I got one for my 99 5.9 dodge ram little more than a year ago ! It works Great , pretty much plug and play, its been working without any problem since i got it … My truck gets better mpg , cooler EGTs , much cleaner power not much smoke which is great . And of course the exhaust brake function is awesome , i use it all the time !!!

  4. Kenny Secor

    Installed the Banshee controller on my 98 Dodge 12 Valve with a HE300VG. Excellent controller and very user friendly. Truck runs great with very little smoke and cooler egts. Customer service was great and all questions I had were answered. We will be doing business with you again! Keep up the good work Steed!
    -Black Smoke Diesel Performance

  5. Joe Simon

    I have a 2003 Dodge 2500 with the 5.9 Cummins. I’ve been running a HE351VE turbo and Steed’s controller/software for about a year now. I can definitely say that this setup is probably the closest to perfect as you can get. Very simple to install the wiring harness and the controller. Plus Steed has made himself available every time I’ve called for technical assistance. Even though there’s a three hour time difference. The best part is he constantly makes changes and updates to keep making his product better and better.

  6. Paul Torres

    I have this kit on my 98 24V Cummins. Just built the motor and I’m running the HE351VE. 40hp injectors, stage three cam. Hamilton springs and pushrods. Just went on a 2500 mile trip from Las Vegas to Oregon and back with a 10k trailer. Truck did not miss a beat. Turbo and exhaust brake performed flawlessly. I would say this set up is worth its weight in gold. Especially the exhaust brake with all the mountain passes and grades you encounter. Customer service is also there when you need it.

  7. Lance Donaldson

    The Benchtop version is a great tool on and off the bench. You only need 110v and you can use it anywhere.

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